Whole House Rv Mobile Home Tap Well Distillation Water Filter System Distiller

Used Bawell Premier Model 1195 Alkaline Water Ionizer. This machine is in “Like New Condition” it has no physical damage and may have little or no scratches. A brand new filter is installed in the machine. BAWELL water ionizer filters are bigger and better than competitor filters, see the image. All the bawell water ionizers connect to the kitchen or bathroom faucet the same way. You can see in the video below how to connect it to different kitchen faucet styles. Are you just learning about alkaline ionized water and water ionizers? You can read my comprehensive buyers guide. Which details how to compare different models and avoid scams in the industry. I have attached 6 photos, the last two photos are of the water water hose when making high PH alkaline ionized drinking water. This waste water hose is dropped in the kitchen sink at all times. When you make water with a water ionizer, the water you are making comes out of the metal hose on top of the machine and there is waste water that comes out of a waste water hose at the bottom of the machine which you place in your sink. You should never drink the waste water, but it is very acidic and can be used to soak fruits and vegetables to kill bacteria and remove pesticides. People also use this acidic waste water for rinsing meats, soaking their feet to kill bacteria on the feet, and any other external uses where you want to kill bacteria. You can use it to wash cuts, or to fill your mop bucket for mopping the house, etc. This machine has 3 different alkaline settings on the front, this is what you use them for. Alkaline level 1: For initial drinking. When you first start drinking alkaline ionized water you have to start low then work your way up. Drink the level 1 for 3 to 5 days then move to level 2 for 3 to 5 days then finally to level 3. Healthy persons who do not smoke, eat healthy, and exercise can generally start on level 3 immediately. Acidic persons who smoke, drink lots of alcohol, eat fast food or unhealthy food (a diet very high in meat and low in green vegetables or fruits) are generally over acidic and will need to start on level 1 and work their way up slowly. If you are over acidic you may notice headaches or dizziness when drinking the high PH alkaline ionized water, lower the PH and drink the water at the lower setting to avoid this. Alkaline level 2: For drinking, cooking or making tee of coffee. Alkaline Level 3: High strength drinking water, cooking, makes great coffee or tea by reducing the acidity of the coffee. Coffee is generally very acidic. There is a whole theory of disease called the “alkaline-acidic theory of disease” there are also alkaline diets you can follow in addition to drinking alkaline ionized water. See more details and the health benefits below. Alkaline Ionized Drinking water is a medically recognized antioxidant drinking water source with many health benefits relating to weightloss, anti aging, anti cancer, arthritis alleviation, diabetes, cancer, and many other forms of degenerative disease. By drinking ionized water you will supply your body with millions of antioxidant hydroxyl ions in every glass. Rapidly detoxifying your body resulting in natural weight loss of fat as well as anti cancer effects as the negatively charged hydroxyl ions bond with positively charged free radicals, one of the primary hypothesis as to the cause of cancer. In a world that is obsessed with antioxidants, antioxidant drinking water is a must. Find links to published medical journals confirming the researched health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water on facebook. This Bawell Premier Water Ionizer is features the ability to produce Alkaline, Purified, and Acid water via. Its built in electrolysis and filter devices. You control what type of water is produced by simply pressing the button located on the front of the device, requiring no complicated programming or start-up cycle, the machine is fully automated in that it produces automatically the water type selected. You may produce 3 different types of Alkaline water (for drinking/internal use), purified water, and 2 types of Acidic water (for external use). There is an additional compartment for adding vitamins or minerals. If activiated water will also flow through this compartment to incorporate its contents into the water. 12 cups of filtered Bawell Ionized water will cost you only 1 cent! Easy 5 minute installation. Compare this Bawell Premier brand water Ionizer to the other Brands and you will see that it possess identical features and produces the exact same water for a fraction of the price! Water Ionizer which carries a Lifetime. Bawell brand water Ionizers are also extremely simple to operate and install and best of all they are maintenance free! The Bawell Premir water ionizer possess 5 solid platinum plates which. Go through a 5 second reverse self-cleaning with each start up and shut off. The Bawell water Ionizer requires no maintenance or replacement save the one touch filter which requires replacement after 1500 gallons of filtered water. At a use of 20 liters filtered water or 5 gallons filtered water per day the filter will require replacement once every 10-12 months. Benefits of Bawell electrolyzed Alkaline water after Electrolysis has at least the 3 following properties. Bawell Electrolyzed Alkaline water contains affluent alkaline dissolvable beneficial minerals such as calcium. Magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc. While simultaneously removing harmful contaminants such as lead, acid, arsenic and other heavy metals. The molecular structure of Bawell electrolyzed water molecule clusters are composed of 5-7 water molecules as opposed to the 12-15 water molecules found in ordinary city municipal water. Since electrolyzed water molecules are smaller in size they are able to penetrate into and out of the body’s cells more easily than the larger 12-15 molecule chains. Thus drinking electrolyzed alkaline water results in accelerated and more complete re-hydration of the body. Drinking Electrolyzed Alkaline water reduces the amount of free radicals present in the body. With a water ionizer machine you will making and drinking this antioxidant ionized alkaline water daily, supplying your body with the most beneficial water possible. Your body is 70% water by weight, and water is the most important nutrient within the body. Watch and learn how Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water is more beneficial to your body than any other kind of drinking water. The Bawell water Ionizer comes with all parts and accessories needed for a successful installation to your kitchen faucet or to the water line below your sink. USED IN LIKE NEW CONDITION WITH LITTLE TO NO SCRATCHES AND NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE. 5 solid titanium platinum coated plates: 81 Square Inches Total Surface Area. Transformer Power System: 160 Watts. PH Range: 3.2 to 10.0. ORP Range: +600.00 to -420.00. Connect directly to faucet and place machine on countertop. Water Flow Rate: 1 gallon every 2 minutes. Dimensions in Inches: Width: 7.9″ Height: 12.6″ Depth: 4.7. Cleaning: Automatic Reverse Cleaning every Startup and Shutdown. Internal Singe Replacement Filter. Alkaline Water Level 3. Making coffee and tea, Cooking food, Direct Drinking. For making coffee with excellent taste and texture. Enhances tea by eliminating the acerbity while enhancing the tea’s pure fragrance. Benefits in cooking by preserving the foods original taste and decreasing the salt content within the food. Alkaline Water Level 2. Drinking Water, Rinsing food, cooking water, etc. Use to rinse food to prevent loss of vitamins while preserving original taste. Alkaline Water Level 1. Drinking water in early stages. It is beneficial to introduce your body to the benefits of alkaline water slowly by starting at a low Alkaline level and working your way up to a higher alkaline level. Medicine taking, use in formula such as powdered milk, etc. Highly refined filtration eliminates hazardous substances and impurities in your water. The unit features a compartment for adding additional (optional) micro-filter elements (food additives, vitamins, etc). The water will also flow through this compartment when activated to enhance your water with the microelements. It is good for taking your medicine or vitamins daily in your drinking water. DO NOT DRINK, acidic water use for facial wash and shower, for house hold sterilization and disinfection. This moderate acid water works as an astringent lotion and can be used on your skin especially in sensitive parts such as the face. It benefits your skin by removing dirt, grease, and dead skin cells. The benefits of its use make the skin tender and smooth which is beneficial for makeup application. You can use this water over your whole body to increase your skins softness and smoothness. It is great to rinse your fruits and vegetables by naturally removing pesticides and other chemicals. It also naturally kills bacteria and viruses, good for use to sterilize and clean surfaces. The item “WHOLE HOUSE RV MOBILE HOME TAP WELL DISTILLATION WATER FILTER SYSTEM DISTILLER” is in sale since Sunday, May 15, 2016. This item is in the category “Home & Garden\Kitchen, Dining & Bar\Small Kitchen Appliances\Water Filters”. The seller is “alkaline-water-ionizers” and is located in Boca Raton, Florida. 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  • Brand: Bawell
  • Filtration Method: Reverse Osmosis
  • Country of Manufacture: United States