Whole House water filter, descaler & conditioner

Our Triple Action Hard Water Filter Is A “Green” Water Conditioning System That Will Eliminate Your Hard Water Scale Guaranteed! Do you want Soft Water without the hassle of using salt and that slimy feeling it gives you in the shower? As We understand the importance of being environmentally responsible. Developed salt-free “Green” water conditioning process that uses a built-in life time stainless steel filter and Catalytic Electro-Mechanical technology coupled with Poly-Phosphate. Triple Action Hard Water Filter. That will help solve environmental challenges. Unlike other conditioners, our. System does not change water composition, by taking important minerals (Calcium, Magnesium) out of your water system does not release harmful, minerals or chemicals into your water system, does not waste your water, and it reduces energy consumption. Triple Action Hard Water Filte. This Hard Water Filter uses a Catalytic core that prevents the formation of scale and eliminates existing scale by accelerating the transformation of the calcium and magnesium minerals into harmless “aragonite” crystal particles. As these crystal particles flow through plumbing systems, they do not attach to pipes, fixtures, valves or heating elements are carried away and held in suspension in the poly-phosphate as it dissolves. The final result is excellent scale prevention without adding harmful minerals or chemicals into our environment. The catalytic core treats the Calcium and Magnesium ions in the water BUT. From the water and converts these ions into harmless aragonite-crystal particles. The existing scale in the piping and hardware dissolves completely removed. A 3 to 5 micron protective corrosion layer is formed. As soon as this layer forms it can no longer grow bigger. Benefits to using the. Combines three levels into one compact system. Water Filtration, conditioning Scale Control and Siliphos Treatment. Protects plumbing systems and water related systems, pipes and appliances e. Boilers, washing machines, dish washers, water heaters etc. Healthier than conventional salt based water softeners. Will not waste water like conventional water softeners will from back washing. Environmentally friendly, no wasted brine water. Compact and light weight. High impact filter housing made to last many years and will not rust. Permanent 50 micron stainless steel filter means you won? Life-time Hard Water catalytic core is manufactured from several hardened metals. 30 gpm high flow design means you will not have decreased water pressure. Comes ready to install with 10.5 oz. It is recommended that every six to eight months to check the level of poly phosphate crystals, clean the filter and Hard Water. This may change for your particular application and depends on water usage. Maximum pressure 145 PSI. Flow rate 30 GPM. Filtration surface area 340 cm. Filter width 4.5? 6.5 between water in, and water out ports. Filter housing diameter 12-1/4? Working temperature 140 degrees. Filter weight including 10.5 oz. Polyphosphate crystals 4 lbs. Includes 2ea male BS. P/NPT threaded installation adaptor nipples. The item “Whole House water filter, descaler & conditioner” is in sale since Wednesday, January 1, 2020. This item is in the category “Home & Garden\Home Improvement\Plumbing & Fixtures\Water Filtration Systems”. The seller is “mikeyanay” and is located in Hadera. This item can be shipped worldwide.
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