Before purchasing our products. Please click here to read our terms and conditions. Triple stage 20″x 4.5″ big blue heavy duty whole house filter , one clear + 2 blue filter housings with 3/4 ports. Are you concerned about dirt, odor, color, and bad taste in the cottage lake? Get clean & clear water in your whole house faucets. Perfect for homes and cottages. Removes high chlorine and other odor taste from the water. Select any of the following options during your checkout. Choice # 1. 3/4 ports (inlet outlet sizes) // system water flow setup direction is left to right. (left inlet – right outlet). Choice # 2. 3/4 ports (inlet outlet sizes) // system water flow setup direction is right to left (right inlet – left outlet). Default (left to right flow direction). You can order the same system with 1 ports by checking out from the following link. We beat the completion with our high quality products. This is not a low-priced made in china big blue housings that you can compare our product with some other advertised systems. 1 x pressure gauges. 1 x 20 / 10 micron pleated sediment filter. 1 x 20 pp spun 5 micron sediment filter. 1 x 20 activated carbon gac filter. 3 x 20″ x 4.5″ clear filter housings. 1 x 3 stages metal wall mounting bracket. 2 x pc’s heavy duty pvc ball valves. 2 x mip fittings + 2 installed between the three housings. 1 x filter housing wrench. Usually we use whole house water filter to deliver safer, cleaner, water to every faucet and showerhead in our whole house without drawing down water pressure. Our whole house water filter. Designed with oversized filters, housings to maintain the strongest water pressure as much as possible. 10 micron pleated filter. More surface area for greater dirt holding capacity, lower initial pressure drop. Higher flow rate, washable, longer life, reduce filtration cost. Removes 99 % of solid particles from your water source before transferring the. Pp spun 5 micron sediment filter. Reduces sediment, dirt, sand, silt, scale & rust particles. Coconut shell granular active carbon (gac). Reduces chlorine, taste, odors, chemicals, & organic impurities. This filter designed for maximum contact between the water and carbon. The whole system designed & customized by. It’s helpful in monitoring. Your incoming water pressure, internal unit pressure & when to replace the filters. Indicate you to replace the filters when changes in reading start, pressure drop increasing is an indication that the cartridges start clogging with particular maters or the filters media is exhausted and the water inside the system can’t pass through the filters normally. Voc (volatile organic compounds). 3 x 20″ x 4.5″. 1 clear + 2 blue. Filter housing with pressure release. 1x liquid pressure gauges size 60mm , range 10 kg/psi. Inlet & outlet water pressure readings are not. 1 x 10 micron sediment pleated filter. 1 x 5 micron pp spun sediment filter. 1 x 20″x 4.5″ cto. Activated carbon block filter. 2 x reinforced heavy duty pvc ball valves maintenance free. Corrosion free + 4 x 1. 1 x filter wrench. 1 x three stages metal wall mounting bracket. Sediment filter life approx – 6 – 12 months. Carbon filter life – minimum 20,000 – maximum 35,000 gallons. Maximum operating pressure: 90 psi. Operating temperature: 40-100. Dimensions: 27.5″ height x 24.5″ width x 8 depth. Weight: approx 42 lbs. Feed water ph range: 4.0 – 10.0. Preferable feed water pressure range: 20 – 90 psi to get the best. Results keep it less than 60 psi. Maximum feed water tds: 2000 ppm. Flow rate / gpm. Gpm for 1 inlet / outlet. Gpm for 3/4 inlet / outlet. Pressure drop will be determined based on feed water pressure, filter cartridge selection, fluid viscosity, filter life and conditions.The item “3 STAGE 20 x4.5 BIG BLUE 3/4 WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTER, WELL WATER FILTER UNIT” is in sale since Thursday, July 05, 2012. This item is in the category “Home & Garden\Kitchen, Dining & Bar\Small Kitchen Appliances\Water Filters”. The seller is “max.water.usa” and is located in Buffalo, New York. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Brand: MaxWaterFlow.com
  • Color: Blue
  • Model: Max Water Flow 20″ BB Whole House Water Filter Sys
  • MPN: 103072
  • Country of Manufacture: Canada
  • UPC: 852665057611

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